Vision and Mission



The Vulnerable Children Assistance Organization is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established on June 27, 1994, was created by a group of post-Khmer Rouge orphans out of their concern for Cambodia’s vulnerable children.

Living in extreme poverty,these children were atrisk of being traffickedinto the sex industry,becoming child domestic workers, or suffering from other forms of abuse in their home settings. VCAO has been working in five provinces to provide these children and their families with basic education, vocational skills, micro-loans and temporary shelter to help them become productive and responsible citizens.

Vision: VCAO envisions children and youth in Cambodia enjoying their full rights to survival, protection, participation and development in a free, loving and caring environment.

Mission: In cooperation with relevant authorities and other stakeholders, VCAO works with and for vulnerable and victimized children and youth, for their protection from violence, abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking; and providing them with education and learning opportunities on life-skills, proficiency and hope. VCAO strives that every child and youth receive knowledge on child rights consistent with the Cambodian constitution towards active responsible citizenship.


·       Respect for each other, among the staff and with all stakeholders

·       Best interest of the child

·       Do not neglect any reported child abuse (pay immediate attention to any reported child abuse)

·       Accountability, responsibility, transparency in every activity

Non-discrimination (based on culture, race, political orientation, disabilities, class, gender, and religion)


Who Help Us

Kadoorie Charitable Foundation
Terre des Hommes Germany
Terre des Hommes Netherlands
World Vision-Cambodia
Terre des Hommes BMZ