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Sponsorship Program at Kampong Chhnang Province

To ensure longer cooperation with Intervita-Italy, VCAO, in this proposing project, initiating to move forward connecting to the Child Distance Sponsorship Program that will be covered 1,549 children whose age between 4-8 year-old and they are in pre-school in Kampong Chhnange district, and 7 primary schools in Reolear Pa Ear district of Kampong Chhnang province. This proposing project has been designed based on needs of target groups and best suit with the Royal Government of Cambodia’s policy and NSDP (National Strategic Development Plan) in Child protection. Based on the connecting to the distance sponsorship program, the proposing project is designed for 24-month implementation period that will prevent children from vulnerability through strengthening capacity of provincial networks both in Kampong Chhnang and Pursat province, providing assistance for those networks to foster the implementation of provincial strategic plan that was identified in the previous project implementation, promoting of awareness of key teachers and school children in selected schools on child’s right and vulnerability; and protect children from sexual abuse, trafficking and exploitation by providing opportunity for them to improve quality of their life by accessing to rehabilitation service of VCAO’s center in Kampong Chhnang province.

The Center has been supported in the project of Strengthening Provincial Network and Improving Quality of Children’s Life which has been operating in Kampong Chhnang province, and has been implementing by Vulnerable Children Assistance Organization (VCAO) through the funding of Intervita, Italy.

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